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Thank you for your interest in serving in the 10:45 band!
Here is all the information you should need to begin the audition process

STEP 1: Learn the music

Depending on your instrument/voice, you'll need to learn the require songs. The list of requirements can be found below.

STEP 2: Schedule an audition

When you feel that you are prepared and have mastered the music, simply email to schedule an audition. Auditions are scheduled on Wednesdays at 7:30pm and you'll need to confirm a specific date with Eric.

STEP 3: Audition!

You'll sing or play along with Sandar through each of the three assigned songs. Please bring your instrument, a pen or pencil, and your own chord charts. 


Female Vocalist: Melody on "King of My Heart." Harmony on "Great Things" and "Great Are You Lord."

Male Vocalist: Melody on "Great Things." Harmony on "Great Things" and "Great Are You Lord."

Great Things

Phil Wickham

Great Things

Phil Wickham

King of My Heart

John Mark McMillian

Reckless Love

Cory Asbury

You can find recordings of these songs on Spotify.

Response Process:

Your audition will be recorded. After the audition, we will listen back to the recording and decide from there how to proceed. We'll then reach out to start the scheduling process or to help you understand what you could have done better. 

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