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SUNDAYS at 10:45 AM

First Pres has a long history and a rich tradition of traditional worship. We haven't left that behind, but have added to it. In September 2018, we kicked off our 10:42 Service. 
This service now starts at 10:45am every Sunday morning. Dress casually and bring the whole family. The music will be modern, the preaching will be relevant and the people will be welcoming. 


If you want to familiarize yourself with some of the music we'll be singing, check out this list on Spotify!

WHY 10:42?

Actually, there are two reasons. One is explicitly practical and the other serves as a prayerful guide! 


REASON #1: Practically, 10:30am wouldn’t have given us enough time to transition from the 9:00 traditional service. There will be instruments moving and projectors being tested and sound checks being performed between the two services! Lots of commotion! 


Additionally, the closer you get to an 11:00am start time, the later the service will end up going and the more it cuts into sports or other commitments people have on Sunday afternoons. That put the sweet spot somewhere around 10:45am.


REASON #2: That’s when we scoured the New Testament for the tenth chapter of a book and looked at verses 41-49 in each one. That way, it would end up being ten forty something! Luckily, the perfect verse showed up in John 10:42. It reads, “And in that place many believed in Jesus.”


And that has become our simple prayer.

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