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An invitation to support the Getsemani Medical Clinics:

Our travel team is preparing for our upcoming trip November 12-20. As in past years, we will be collecting donations for over the counter medicine for the Getsemani Church's clinics. Gladys CiFuentes, our contact for the medical clinic ministry, has let us know of the most pressing items that they need for the clinic.

This year we are taking cash donations so that we can purchase the items in Guatemala, supporting their local economy. Please review this list below and consider supporting this important ministry.


You can give your donation (cash or check) at the table in Fellowship Hall this week and next, or send it to the church office marked Getsemani Medical Clinic. Please have donations in by November 9.


This is a list of items the clinic most needs. We will go shopping with Gladys and use the donations from our congregation to purchase the quantities they need to best supply their upcoming clinic.

  • $4.50 purchases a package of 36 Naproxen Pain Relief tablets (muscle pain)

  • $5.75 purchases a bottle of Children’s liquid Fever and Pain Relief

  • $6.50 purchases a bottle of 100 Ibuprofen tablets

  • $7.00 purchases a bottle of 60 Children’s Chewable Daily Vitamins

  • $7.50 purchases a bottle of Cough Syrup

  • $8.00 purchases a bottle of 100 Adult Daily Vitamin tablets

  • $10.00 purchases a bottle of 100 Pain Relief Acetaminophen tablets

  • $15.75 purchases a package of 200 Allergy tablets

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