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Global Mission

From rural medical care, anti-human trafficking efforts, and clean water initiatives to education for girls living in poverty, the mission-workers and international organizations supported by First Pres are serving people on three continents and in dozens of countries across the world. Through partnerships with local communities, these groups and individuals serve God by working for justice, healthcare access, and educational opportunities for all.

Wycliff Bible Translators (Michael and Beverly Harrar) – Michael and Beverly have worked with Wycliff for over 40 years, living alongside people all over the world and using their talents in art  to form lasting partnerships with local communities. They are currently stationed in Columbia.

IHS Global – Formerly International Health Services, IHS Global trains Christian healthcare workers serving internationally to care for the spiritual needs of their patients and to share their own faith.

Jeff & Christi Boyd (Democratic Republic of Congo) – As regional liaison for Central Africa, Jeff coordinates partnerships between churches and programs in the DRC, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea. A recent project included a new Presbyterian school complex in Zapo-Zapo and the Congo Education Excellence Program. Christi works with local women and children through the Presbyterian Community in Congo (CPC), advocating for changes to traditional practices which marginalize women and keep them in poverty.

Nancy Collins (East Central Africa) – Serving members of Reformed churches in Malawi, Kenya, and Zambia, Nancy works to ensure the existence of theological educational opportunities for ordained and lay leaders. She is partnering with the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda as they continue to address inter-ethnic tensions and lack of opportunities for clergy training.

Mark Hare & Jenny Bent (Haiti & Dominican Republic) – Mark and Jenny work closely with Mouvman Peyizan Papay, a grassroots movement helping small farmers improve their living conditions by increasing food production. In addition, Jenny works with health clinics run by the Evangelical Dominican Church serving primarily Haitian workers living in the DR who often lack access to clean water and sanitation services.

Jed & Jenny Koball (Peru) – As the facilitator of the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s Joining Hands initiative in Peru, Jed assists local congregations as they fight against hunger, poverty, and environmental issues such as mining contamination, punishing trade policies, and a growing water crisis due to global warming. Jenny acts as the Peru site coordinator for the Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteer program, which sends people between 19-30 to live in intentional Christian community while they work at local NGOs. 

Choon & Yen Hee Lim (East Asia) – Stationed in South Korea, Choon and Yen Hee serve Taiwan, China, Japan, and South and North Korea. They offer pastoral care and support for partner churches in the region and focus particularly on issues of hunger in North Korea.

Dennis & Maribel Smith (Argentina) – Dennis serves as the PC(USA) regional liaison for the Southern Cone and Brazil, which includes Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. He is active in helping U.S. churches and presbyteries partner with congregations in the region and in working on alleviating poverty, evangelism, and promoting theological education. 

Martha Sommers (Democratic Republic of the Congo) – A family practice physician, Dr. Martha Sommers serves at the Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai (IMCK) as an instructor in medical practice for doctors and students; she also maintains a clinical practice and coordinates a master’s program in public health in coordination with St. Louis University.

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