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Pastoral Nominating Committee

Suggestions for our PNC

Submit names by August 30

As you think about the kind of individuals that will comprise our Pastor Nominating Committee, please consider these important traits. We believe that these represent the spiritual, emotional and relational components that suitable PNC members embody:


  1. They exhibit deep spiritual maturity and have a habit of practicing prayerful decision-making.

  2. They see the big picture of our church and community. 

  3. They are regular in worship attendance, support, and participation in the life of the church.

  4. They believe in our church and have a positive orientation toward our future under God’s leadership. 

  5. They are humble and not seeking acclaim or status. 

  6. They are willing to work collaboratively with others in the work of the committee.

  7. They are representative of the entire congregation; able to speak for groups within the congregation, but committed to the larger mission of the church as their highest priority.

  8. They are open to the ideas and opinions of others and are a good listener.  

  9. They are able to speak their mind without being overpowering. 

  10. They are willing to participate in our process and will well represent the congregation of First Presbyterian. 


Thank you from your Nominating Committee: Beth Congdon-Martin, Scott Gamble, Elizabeth Guman, Lori McDermott, Dan Ohms, Kelly Pruden, Vicki Schroeder, Craig Single, Caroline Cupp

My suggestion(s) for consideration as a member of the First Pres Pastor Nominating Committee. For each person, please add anything about your reasoning for your suggestion that will help the Nominating Committee in our discernment:

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