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Hey There! 


We hope you are doing well! Thanks for checking out our virtual offerings for students here at First Pres. While we wait for things to return to a bit of normalcy, we can still look to strengthen our faith. One of the best ways that we know to do this, is through Bible Project videos! They are easily accessible and still mentally and visually stimulating.


As you work through these each week, there will be a study guide, or reflection questions available. After watching the video, take some time to reflect through writing your answers to the reflection questions. Use them to search you heart for answers. Each week we will schedule a zoom call to discuss these questions, so you’ll want to make sure you take time to think about them.


In order to get the zoom link, send Cole a text or email. He will provide it for you. Enjoy! 


Week 4

Week 4 runs from October 4th through 10th. There will be no Zoom discussion this week. Reflection questions are below. 



Week 5

Week 5 runs from October 11th - 17th. We will have our zoom discussion on Sept 18th at 2 pm. 

Email Cole for Zoom link. Reflection questions are below.


Week 6

Week 6 runs from Oct 18th - Oct 24th. Our Zoom call will be on Oct 25th at 2pm. Email Cole for the link. Reflection questions are below!

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