Classes & Programs

The Bucket School’s mission is to take advantage of the teachable moments that happen every day.  We realize our teachers will have a powerful impact on each child’s development and individual needs.

Older Two's:  Little Learners Skills.doc

Our Two Year Old program provides a fun, safe nurturing environment for a child’s first early school experience. This class introduces social skills such as sharing and listening through various activities including circle time, story time, art, music, and lots of play time. Students will be introduced to learning colors, simple shapes, and numbers 1-5.

MON/WED OR TUE/THU 9:10-11:40AM w/ Friday option

Three Year Olds: Intermediate Learners Skills.doc

Our Three Year Old Program focuses on helping your child develop important social skills such as sharing, listening, taking turns, and participating in group activities. Students will participate in a variety of activities such as sensory experiences, story time, crafts, music and gym to work on fine and gross motor skills as well as build a foundation for math and reading.


TUE/THU 9:30-12PM

Pre-K Program (4-5 Yr Olds):  Pre-K Learners Skills.doc

Our Pre-K classes are kindergarten-readiness classes which work towards a smooth transition from preschool to kindergarten.  Age appropriate reading, writing, and math skills are explored through crafts, centers, story time, play time, and group activities.  We use a blend of Fundations and Learning Without Tears curriculums to teach letter recognition and formation through hands on experiences.  Our program also focuses on social and emotional development, language acquisition, and fine and gross motor skills.




READ and STEAM Program:

Our Reading Enrichment And Discovery and Science Technology Engineering Art Math program is offered to Pre-K students starting in October as an extra day of school. 

The foundation of our READ class is to offer students more opportunities to explore award winning pieces of children’s literature while learning about different authors and illustrators through a variety of enriching activities.  Our STEAM program gives our students an opportunity to foster a love for science and math while participating in many hands on activities.

When we have enough interest, we do offer a Three Year Old READ class once or twice a month as well.

THU 9:30-12PM



Pre-K and Intermediate classes meet with a church ministry staff member in the sanctuary for Mini-Worship time. Mini-worship time gives the children opportunities to grow in their knowledge of God and to learn about God’s love for them and the world. Age appropriate stories from the Bible are incorporated into time spent in Mini-Worship

Classes meet once a week with Mrs. Drap in the preschool library for story time. Children are allowed to borrow a book each week.

Classes meet every other week with the church’s music director to participate in fun music activities. Children are introduced to various types of music including seasonal, traditional, and classical.

Classes meet in our gym every Friday to participate in wonderful gym lessons that help to develop fine and gross motor skills.  We use equipment such as scooters, bean bags, balls, parachutes, and ride on toys.  The children look forward to the fun and games in gym class each week!


Sign ups for lunch bunch and our enrichment programs are on a monthly basis through a sign up genius. These are for our Pre-K and Three Year Old Students.

Lunch Bunch:  MON-FRI 12-1PM

Students bring their lunches to school. This is an opportunity for students to interact in a social atmosphere.

Exploration Mondays:   1-2PM

This is an enrichment class held after lunch bunch. Students participate in activities based around a science theme of the day. Topics such as magnets, sink or float, ramps and angles, etc. will be explored.

Activity Wednesdays:  1-2PM

Students will participate in either making a craft, playing games, or Makin’ Music.

Gym Time Fun Fridays:  1-2PM

Students participate in fun gym activities such as yoga and Super Duper Sports.

Spring Camp: Runs for 5 days after our school year ends in May


Our families are welcome to participate in some of our extra fun events here at the school such as our Halloween Parade, Pre-K Christmas Pageant, Art Show, Sports Night, and Mother’s Day Tea.