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Creation of Sensory Bins at The Barn (web).jpg

Creation of Sensory Bins at The Barn

First Crew Playhouse Project for Homeless Children in West Chester

Louisiana Flood August 12 and 13.  110,000 homes damaged or destroyed.

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“Each of you received a spiritual gift. God has shown you his grace in giving you different gifts. And you are like servants who are responsible for using God’s gifts. So be good servants and use your gifts to serve each other.”  1 Peter 4:10 (ICB)​

"First Crew" is a mission organization of First Presbyterian Church of West Chester, PA. We are committed to lending a helping hand to our church members and members of the local community in need of assistance.  We conduct a national mission trip at least once a year to a location devastated by a natural disaster. In addition, we support our Mission Partners who have special projects which are beyond their resources or capabilities.

We welcome women, men, and families to get involved.  A variety of special projects are frequently brought to the attention of First Crew by the Church Staff or through the Missions Committee, who are in regular contact with our Mission Partners.

An example of local projects includes the construction of two playhouses for resident children at Friends Association homes.  We constructed a treehouse at The Barn at Springbrook Farm for children with disabilities that involved more than 850 person hours to complete.  We send regular volunteers to Good Works, Habitat for Humanity, and Act in Faith, a multi-church West Chester based organization to help people in need. 

In 2023, the First Crew National Disaster Relief Team volunteers have committed more than 11,500 volunteer hours in assisting victims of natural disasters at the national level.  Our Good Works team which was launched in 2004, has refurbished a total of 22 low income family homes making them safer, warmer and drier.  We have 48 First dedicated Crew volunteers regularly supplying the most critical items to the Act in Faith Community Cupboard.  The largest single project we ever undertook some years ago was the construction of the Tree House at the Barn at Springbrook Farm.  More than 850 volunteer hours were needed to complete that project.

In September 2023, First Crew celebrated its 20th Anniversary with special Sunday services celebrating mission at First Pres. Slideshows of First Crew's history were created to be viewed during the contemporary service and Coffee Hour, and can be found below.

First Crew welcomes volunteers from other Churches and members of the community. All you need to do is give us your name and contact information.  When project needs arise, we will contact our volunteer list to find out who is interested and able to contribute to a particular project.  If you have a specific interest in getting involved in our national disaster relief program, we would be delighted to add your name to that list.

This is a great opportunity for families, women, and men of all ages to get involved!  All that is required is a servant heart and the desire to help people in need. If you are interested in learning more about First Crew or would like to get involved, please contact Joe Schorn at or call 610-633-5039.

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