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We believe that lives are changed through our giving.

Why Give?

We give not out of obligation or coercion, but out of joy. In light of the grace we’ve received,

we give in order to partner with God in the work of love and justice in our community and throughout the world.



Yes, we worship here, but ministry is happening in our buildings and spaces all the time. Through the ministry of First Pres, women are offered free legal services, individuals receive counseling, families are supported, people are fed, kids are educated, and so much more.



When preaching & teaching happens at First Pres, we’re equipping for relationship and community. We believe that our faith informs all our lives. When we grow in faith, our relationships grow stronger, our community gets better, and we live our lives in the light of Jesus. 


Mission in our neighborhood, nation, and world has always been an essential part of First Pres. We partner with local organizations seeking to end homelessness and hunger in our communities, coordinate disaster-relief trips, and support mission workers all over the world.


Other Ways to Give:

If you'd like more information about ways that you can contribute to the ministry of First Pres, please contact our Director of Operations, Jeff Somers at


Give online with our portal!

Mail A Check

130 W Miner St, West Chester, Pa 19382

Legacy Giving

Leave a gift that lasts for generations

What happens to the money we give?

Financial Leadership

Financial Statements

Our finances are overseen by our Session and Trustees,
with a goal of building a culture of generosity within the church. Stewardship, budgeting, and financial reporting are responsibilities of these groups, with results shared via the weekly bulletin, bi-monthly newsletter, and this website.

Read more on our financial reporting page

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