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Justice Ministry


the Bible shows us that justice—God’s intention of well-being for all of creation—matters deeply to God and that we are invited to be part of that work. Because we believe that efforts toward this well-being are an expression of our shared faith, we work to reflect justice in every corner of our lives together:

  • Through the words and music of our worship

  • Through the wide variety of local and international organizations we support that provide direct services and/or work on systemic change in partnership with those in need

  • Through our partnership with our sister church in Guatemala, whose mission and justice efforts we support through supportive relationship and offerings

  • Through the Wednesday lunches we host for anyone in the community in search of food and/or friendship (These lunches are provided through partnerships with local organizations.)

  • Through the annual Matthew 25 campaign, which raises funds to provide for those who come to the church with immediate needs, as well as additional funding priorities that adjust each year

  • Through converting church property into housing choice vouchered apartments

  • Through book studies and discussions that invite us and challenge us to process current events through the lens of our faith

  • Through the Young Justice Builders Club, where elementary-aged children and their grown-ups learn and talk about injustices and how we can respond as people of faith

  • Through middle and high school youth group service projects and mission trips

  • Through the service of First Crew, which undertakes construction related projects both locally and nationally.

The Justice Ministry Team is a small group of church members who have an interest in or calling to explore what it looks like for First Pres to grow the ways in which we pursue God’s justice. They aim to provide opportunities for the church community to grow in their understanding of God’s justice, how we can become more aware of human injustices in the world that conflict with God’s will, what their causes might be, and prompt consideration of how we might respond as people of faith.

If you are interested in learning more about the Justice Ministry Team or any of the justice-driven work of First Pres, contact any of the pastors or the Director of Faith Formation.

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