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The First Pres Legacy Giving Program


You can help fund the ministries and missions of First Pres for generations to come by becoming a part of our Legacy Giving Program. Think, for a moment, what your vision would be for First Pres. Think of the needs that could be met and the people who could be served over the next 10, 20, 50 or more years from now. Your charitable bequests, permanent endowment funds, a donor-advised fund, or other financial gifts can make your vision a reality.

With a will or legacy gift, you help create a better future for your church by making a lasting impression on your faith community here at First Pres, as well as in West Chester and in all of the areas served by our ministries.

Making a financial gift — of any size — through your will to the First Pres Legacy Giving Program takes only a few minutes and will make a difference for many, many years. You can specify how your gift will be used. You can designate your funds for worship, music, or educational ministries. For any of the First Pres missions. Or, simply for the church’s investment or operational accounts.

More information on the Legacy Giving Program here at First Pres is available by clicking the brochure image above, and the document links provided below (PDFs). You can also contact the church office by phone (610-696-0554) or email and ask for a member of the Legacy Giving Team to contact you. First Pres church members oversee the Legacy Giving Program and report to the Finance Committee of Session.

This quick-read pamphlet explains the benefits the Legacy Giving Program provides to you and to your church. It offers ways to contribute and information on how funds are used and managed.

Writing your will is the most important step you can take in planning your estate. This brochure provides information on how to get started.

This booklet concentrates on some of the charitable giving opportunities available through estate planning.

From life insurance to retirement accounts such as IRAs, 401k, 403b, Keogh and other retirement accounts to real estate, this guide provides examples of nontraditional ways to consider leaving a lasting legacy to First Pres.

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