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A Note from our Music Director: 

In 2019 Session approved the purchase of a movable box organ for the chapel. The funds for the new instrument came from the Ginny Bauder Trust, hence the instrument is called the “Ginny Bauder Memorial Organ”. Ginny was a former assistant organist at FPC, and after her passing, a monetary donation was given in her memory in 2016. 


The box organ was built by a Hungarian organ factory from Pécs and arrived at First Pres in March 2020. It is a fully mechanical instrument, made only of wood and metal parts, and absolutely no digital elements. This technology has been used by organ builders for the last 400 years.
I am confident this organ will be playable in 100 years and will enjoy a long and productive life. What other piece of technology can be purchased today that will last as long?! 

Sándor Kádár

Director of Music

The Instrument is Here!

Ginny Bauder Memorial Box Organ stoplist:

  1. Bourdon 8’

  2. Rohrflöte 4’

  3. Principal 2’

  4. Variable 1*

  5. Variable 2*

Range of th​e manual - C to g′′′ (56 keys)
Range of the pedal - C to f′ (30 keys)

The instrument is equipped with a detachable pull down pedal and an organ bench made of solid oak. The windchest is divided between bass and treble which enables the organist to operate either the bass or treble octaves of one stop separately or together.

* The two variable stops are interchangeable. As of today, the following 3 interchangeable ranks were purchased: Principal 4’, Nasat 2 2/3’ (TC) and Quint 1 1/3’. While any number of interchangeable ranks can purchased, only two can be used at a time. The instrument's interchangeability allows the organist to configure the instrument's stoplist based on the specific needs of a certain event or concert.

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