Weekends at First Pres

Sunday Mornings

Sunday is an important day for our youth ministry. We really value our church's move to 3 unique worship styles on Sunday Mornings. Because of this, we encourage students to worship with their families, or find ways to serve on Sunday mornings. Students in 6th grade are able to join our tweens Sunday School class that meets in room 214(B) and 8th grade students are welcome to be in our confirmation class that runs from September through March in room 216. Both of these classes meet from 9-10 am​. 

Sunday Evenings (4 - 5:30 PM) 

Youth Group is a time for students grades 6-12 to get to know each other, play games, and engage with lessons on faith. 

Our vision for youth at First Pres is that they would, enter into relationships with Christ and other youth so they can explore their faith and encounter what God may be calling them to do next. We find youth group, retreats, and Bible studies to be the best ways to help our vision touch the hearts of our students. 

Weekdays at First Pres

Tuesday Night - High School Bible Study (7 - 8:30 PM)

High School students meet at an outdoor location each week to discuss relevant faith topics, share a meal, and swap experiences that are going on in their lives. Not only do we seek to help students grow in their knowledge of scripture, but we also hope to help them participate in a healthy support system within the church. 

Wednesday Night - Middle School Bible Study (6:30 - 7:30 PM)

Middle School Bible Study is a time where students have the ability to be themselves among their peers. We really focus on allowing this to be a space where students can let their guard down and learn to share with each other and also hear that there is a God and church family that loves them. This study happens at First Pres as well. 

The Important Stuff!

Below you will find three buttons. One is our schedule for the year, another the health forms each student needs to fill out, and lastly there is a button that allows you to opt-in to our weekly email that all parents will receive from our Youth Director, Cole Seaman.