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a photo project of First Presbyterian Church

Racial Justice Journeys


During the Summer of 2020, members of First Pres participated in three book studies to learn about the presence of racism in our country.  One church member was inspired by the conversations to create this Racial Justice Journeys photo essay.  He invited members of the book groups to write their "ah ha" moments, to share when and how they came to recognize racism more fully around them and how they responded. 


We share these photo essays in hopes that those who look at them will know that there is plenty of grace-filled space in our church community for self-reflection, learning and repentance.  As individuals share their learnings and the ways they are growing with others, we hope to collectively become a force that more effectively advocates for God's love and justice in our community, our country and our world.

(Please click on a photo to read the accompanying reflection)


Peter Guman: Seeing - White-Fragility

Beth Congdon-Martin: A Prayer for Lament

Jane Richards: Mask-less

Sara Pantazes: Intolerable Injustice

Carol Schmidt: Mei-Ling

Barb Snyder: Understanding Being White

Kathleen Skomorucha: Needing a Faith Community to Help

Kaela Dakes: A Cry for Mom's Help

Elizabeth Guman: Compelled by Faith

Caroline Cupp: You Don't Belong Here

Greg Ondo: A Different Lens

Ellen Endslow: An Ongoing Journey

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