Annual Budget

The calendar-year 2021 budget for First Pres was presented to and accepted by the congregation during the Annual Meeting.

Monthly Statements

Each month the First Pres Business Office prepares a Month-to-Date Budgeted Financial Summary Report. These financial summaries provide valuable information on actual income received for the month and expenses incurred for the month, as well as cumulative income and expenses for the year to date.  This information helps the Finance and Stewardship Committee and Session determine the necessary steps to help First Pres meet its obligations. Included here is the most recent monthly statement.

Financial Overview

First Pres Financial Information.  At the request of Session and the Finance Committee, a simple month-to-date financial summary will appear once each month in the Sunday bulletin. 



Year to Date


Full Year Budget



Year to Date




















Annual Reports

May '18 Report
May '18 Report
August '18 Report
August '18 Report
July '18 Report
June '18 Report
May '18 Report

The Session and Trustees of First Presbyterian Church of West Chester establish an annual budget and an estimate of the upcoming year’s expenses and present this information within a detailed Annual Report to First Pres members during the Annual Congregational Meeting usually held in January.  


First Pres maintains reserve funds in the form of cash on hand to be used for emergency budgetary purposes when expenses exceed income and for unforeseen major expenses.  For the most part, these funds are held in investment accounts earning interest which is returned the reserve funds. Include here is the latest Investments Report.